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Navigating through PCOS and PCOD can be difficult! This program is the perfect combination of supplements and expert guidance to help improve and manage your PCOS and PCOD symptoms!

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Menstrual Care

Let us help you manage your PCOS and PCOD symptoms with our innovative and proprietary programs.

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Doctor Consultation - 2
Medical experts understand your history and evaluate your current health state so they can suggest the best-customised plan of action.
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Mental Health Consultation - 1
Trained psychologists and therapists ensure your mental and emotional health is taken care of to keep you stress-free and positive.
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Dietician Consultation + Customised Diet Chart - 1
Certified dieticians make a personalised, balanced and healthy meal chart plan for you to follow to revitalise your body and get the best nutrition.
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Online Yoga Sessions - 1
Take customised pre-recorded sessions at your convenience to help improve your overall mental and physical well-being.
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Wellness Buddy - 1
Your personal buddy guides you at every step and assists you with all your queries and needs throughout your journey.
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Exclusive discount - 1
Subscribers get an exclusive discount of 10% on our website.
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Exclusive access to monthly newsletter - 1
Stay updated on our new launches and products
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Period Flow Regulator + Energise Her - 1
Expertly-formulated, naturally-derived, proprietary supplements with vitamins and micronutrients to safely and effectively improve your menstrual and reproductive health.

Program Journey

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Video consultations to assess your health and customise your action plan, while you begin taking your nutraceuticals.

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Execution & Tracking

Continue with the nutraceuticals, sessions and nutrition plan while consultations monitor your progress.

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Results & Replan

Evaluate your progress and results with consultations and renew the program as needed.

What To Expect

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Regulates Periods

Balances menstrual cycle and regulates period flow.

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Reduces PCOS & PCOD Symptoms

Improves nutrition and hormonal imbalances to manage symptoms like weight gain, hair loss and skin concerns.

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Improves Energy & Mood

Boosts energy levels, elevates mood and reduces anxiety.

What Our Customers Say

My periods used to be very irregular. This program helped me get my menstruation back on track. I had really bad cramps too. Now my menstrual cycle is much better. Highly recommend this plan for people worried about their period health. It is truly a holistic plan!
35, Female
I am very happy with the service provided during the program. I would definitely recommend Janani and their programs to a friend!
33, Male
I found the program very good and the team was very supportive. Particularly Ms. Syeda (wellness buddy) for her admirable empathy towards us. The program had a unique structure and a great team of experts to guide you!
33 & 35, Couple
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