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"Worried that you’re gaining weight because of PCOS? Irregular periods making your monthly cycle difficult? We are here to help! Taking care of your menstrual and reproductive health is an important aspect of being healthy. PCOS and PCOD are fairly common conditions among menstruators. Knowing more about PCOS and PCOD can help you deal with it better. It is a hormonal imbalance, caused by an excess of androgens (male sex hormones that are usually present in females in small amounts). PCOD and PCOS can lead to many complications, including infertility. It is essential to manage this condition to keep it from interfering with your life."

Common Symptoms

  • Irregular and heavy periods

  • Acne

  • Cysts in ovaries

  • Excessive body hair

  • Weight gain


  • Excess androgen levels

  • Family history of PCOS

  • Insulin resistance

  • Inflammation in the body

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