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Safe & innovative care to improve sexual wellness. Our solutions cater to a variety of sexual concerns.

Common Concerns

Sexual dysfunction is common and nothing to be embarrassed about! Both men and women face a variety of challenges in the bedroom, from arousal issues to pain disorders.

Over 150 million men worldwide are said to suffer with Erectile Dysfunction

1 out of 5 men present with Premature Ejaculation irrespective of age

1 in 3 women have lowered Libido

43% of women experience Sexual Dysfunction

What We Can Do For You

Take your sex life to the next level! No matter what your concern is, play.life has a solution for you.

Let us help you improve your sexual health with a wide range of nutraceuticals that solve your dysfunctions as well as enhance your performance.

After all, the only thing better than sex is better sex!

Dysfunction Resolutions:

Sex Life Support:

Why Choose Us

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Personalised Reports

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Transparency & Accountability

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High-Class Laboratories

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Automated Care

How It Works

Just remember P.R.O.!

Pick your preference - Choose between doctor consultations and diagnostic test or directly buy one of our products

Resolve your issues and concerns with customised care solutions made specifically for you by our team of experts

Optimize your wellness journey by evaluating your progress at periodic intervals and fine-tuning your care plan in consultation with our doctors.

We are the best, because, we have the best


The team is led by the award-winning andrologist Dr. S.S. Vasan and all our doctors come with extensive experience in successfully treating various sexual and reproductive problems.


Our staff includes highly qualified psychologists who ensure that you have a safe space to discuss your emotional and mental health needs while making your medical journey extremely relaxing and peaceful.

Lifestyle experts

Our team also includes experts from the fields of nutrition, yoga, physiotherapy and more. They ensure that every aspect of your lifestyle is addressed and provide a holistic solution to your problems.

Our solutions are built using the latest technologies

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Privacy & Protection

Your privacy is our priority. We take data confidentiality very seriously and ensure all your data remains completely private and safe. All reports are password-protected and meant only for the eyes of the patients and their doctors.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Your medical reports come with a detailed diagnosis, analysis, and insights from our doctors. We use secure databases to store and manage all your reports, which you can access at any time, based on your requirements.

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Automated & Personalised

We like our patrons to stay on top of things! Once you sign up, our systems automatically inform you of any upcoming appointments, prescription refills, and other updates.

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Comfort & Convenience

Our platform is completely digitalised to guarantee all our services are easily accessible. Your wellness is at your fingertips with all of our solutions available at the tap of a button.

Connect With Us

Unsure of your next move? Our team can help connect you to the right professional.

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