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Assisted Natural Pregnancy

Natural and non-invasive care for conceiving.

What is ANP

We understand how important having a natural pregnancy can be. Our Assisted Natural Pregnancy or ANP care plan involves natural and non-invasive methods of treatment to help you achieve as natural a pregnancy as possible.

Our doctors believe that parental health is key to a healthy pregnancy. After all, healthy parents are more likely to have healthy babies.

Your Assisted Natural Pregnancy plan may include lifestyle modifications as well as nutraceuticals to improve your chances of a natural pregnancy.

Factors affecting fertility

Though several factors contribute to fertility, it is often a simple solution that works best!

Is ANP For You

We consider ANP to be more natural, and the safest way to conceive for couples who have minor conditions and fertility concerns. It is highly recommended unless you have an underlying condition or more complex fertility issues that require treatments like IUI and IVF.

Your doctor will recommend ANP if you have a good chance of a natural conception with the aid of simple lifestyle alterations and supplements.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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What You Get With Us

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Medical Experts

You are in safe hands. Award-winning andrologist Dr. S.S. Vasan leads our team of medical experts, who have years of expertise in treating a wide range of sexual and reproductive issues.


Our highly qualified psychologists will assuage your stress and concerns, providing a safe and comfortable environment for conception.


Our certified dieticians will ensure you are consuming the right foods to boost your fertility and make a natural pregnancy more viable.

Yoga Practitioners

Yoga has been proven to be effective in improving fertility. Our yogis are trained in prenatal yoga and will help you de-stress and prepare your body for pregnancy.


Our natural supplements are safe solutions that contain naturally derived micro-nutrients that boost your fertility.

Janani Buddy

You will be assigned a health advocate, who will be by your side for anything you need through the entire process.

We are together on this journey

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Fertility Testing

The first step is understanding your fertility. We evaluate the basic fertility profiles of both partners, which includes a blood and semen test. You are both tested for any underlying issues or diseases that may delay a natural pregnancy.

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Doctor Consultation

Our expert doctors help you interpret your reports and create a personalised ANP plan for you accordingly.

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Personalised ANP Plan

As part of your ANP plan, we calculate your fertility window to understand when you are at your most fertile. In addition, customised micro-nutrients are advised to improve your fertility potential. Sessions with fertility advocates, yoga practitioners and dieticians may be suggested for holistic wellness.

Testing for pregnancy

Progress & Pregnancy

We check in with you on your progress every month, to confirm if you have tested positive in your end-of-the-cycle pregnancy test.

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Successful Pregnancy

Once positive, our team of fertility advocates and doctors guides you on the steps required for a successful pregnancy outcome.

Cost-Effective Care

Safe and affordable care should be available to everyone. We believe starting a family should be an easy option, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get pregnant. Accessibility and affordability are high on our list of priorities and we offer packages that are reasonable and effective.

Our packages are priced reasonably so you can take the path to pregnancy without added stress and hidden costs.

Starts From

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