At-Home Diagnostics

Convenient diagnostic tests that offer comfort and save time!

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Why Home Diagnostics

Our at-home diagnostic tests ensure you save time, energy and stress, while also being simple, affordable, and accessible.

Comfort & Convenience

All our tests can be taken from home, at your convenience.

Timely & Efficient

Your test is quick, on time, and performed in a professional manner.

Affordable & Accurate

We offer affordable packages that comprise various tests for general, sexual and reproductive health.

Top-Quality Laboratories

All our testing facilities maintain the highest of standards to avoid contaminations and mix-ups!

Comprehensive Reports

You will receive a detailed diagnostic report within 24 hours of the test.

Complimentary Consultations

Every diagnostic test includes a complimentary doctor consultation, and counselling session.

Packages We Have For You

Sexual Health

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Fertility Wellness

Sample test kit package
Prepare Now Screening Package

Understand your reproductive health better! This plan includes a Basic Female Fertility Profile which is an at-home fertility test that is essential for those looking to get pregnant. It is a simple way to evaluate your hormonal and reproductive health in order to plan for a successful and stress-free conception.

General Wellness

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Unsure of your next move? Our team can help connect you to the right professional.

How It Works

Just remember P.R.O.!

Pick your preference - Choose between doctor consultations and diagnostic test or directly buy one of our products

Resolve your issues and concerns with customised care solutions made specifically for you by our team of experts

Optimize your wellness journey by evaluating your progress at periodic intervals and fine-tuning your care plan in consultation with our doctors.

Gain Some Insight

How will I get my reports? Do I need to collect them in person or can they be Whatsapped to me?
Will the phlebotomist wait if I can't give the sample on time?
Does Janani provide all fertility treatments? Do you do IVF and IUI?
When will I get my reports?
Can Janani make the report look abnormal, for their own benefit?
Will the semen test alone help me understand my fertility issues?
How much in advance should I keep the semen sample ready in the container?
What happens once the semen analysis is done? What is the cost and process?
Do you plan to offer Whatsapp reports?
Why are female fertility tests done?
What are the tests done to understand female fertility?
Do I need to be fasting before the sample for the female fertility test is collected?
Where will my IUI or IVF procedure happen?
Is the semen test and consultation chargeable?
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